One Fees

At One, our fees are always clear, concise, transparent and are fair and reasonable.
One’s fees are tailored to your investment objectives.  One either charges on a fee-for-service basis or on the basis of commission payments specifically agreed with you. 
As a fee-for-service company, One charges for designing your financial plan and then charges for the ongoing management and administration of your investments and insurance.  These charges are clearly explained to you at our first meeting.  
If you wish, One can receive commission payments but we will only do so if we have discussed these with you and obtained your agreement.
At One, we want to ensure that you receive value for money.  One believes you should not have to pay excessive investment management fees, administration fees or other product fees and then pay a financial adviser fee on top.
At One, we aim to package your portfolio so that the overall fee you pay is reasonable.
One also aim’s to ensure that you receive the best risk management package for the premiums you pay for life insurance.

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